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The Poncho: Uses

The Harlequin FC poncho (or rather rain mac) is a much maligned piece of clothing, since it first appeared at the beginning of the 2002/3 season people have been slating it and saying they will never wear it (I bet they'll change their minds if they are sitting in a cold and wet Franklin's Gardens). So what else can be done with it?
It has been suggested that it is really a tent or even a condom but here is the place to find out the other uses for this new Quins clothing.

  1. ParachutesWarfare
    MOD Press Release:
    "The Ministry of Defence are very pleased with the savings made in the purchase of unwanted Quins ponchos, but the troops have expressed concern over their stealth qualities".  - Thanks Binky
  2. SailingSailing
    "Although not strictly in keeping with the rules of the Round the Isle of Dogs Yacht Race, Captain Jack found his poncho invaluable in gaining him those extra few knots". - Thanks Binky

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