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Where to buy them

The cheapest place we have found the diamond trousers is Makro - the wholesalers where they cost around £15-£17, if you don't know where the closest Makro is to you or if you can't get to one it is probably easiest to post a message on the comeallwithin message board and ask someone to pick some up for you and bring them to the game.

Alternatively you can buy them online from various suppliers including Dentons and Nisbets, these tend to be of a higher quality than the Makro ones but they are also more expensive. A new shop selling the trews has been reported it is Oceanshade, 9 Church Road, Teddington (020 8977 9772).

Other DG produce can be bought including harlequin chefs' aprons that can be worn as a cape (thanks to LabRat's ingenuity), large purple or massive blue wigs, flags and jester hats.

being sold for charity

RB Glasses Melvin Glasses
Now that the end of the season is upon us you might want to think about summer ware - Quins sun glasses can now be bought from RugbyBird at the knock down price of £5 a pair. Of this £1 will go to the Nick Duncombe Fund and £1 will go to Quinssa (The Quins Supporters' Association) to help subsidise coaches to away games.

Contact rugbybird@diamondgeezers.org.uk to order your pair now


Other pieces of DG apparrel are Melvin's "Horned Helmet" and CallHome's "Death Helmet" which have to been seen (and heard) to be believed!

If you want to buy official Harlequins merchandise you should either visit the Quins Shop at The Stoop or visit it online.

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