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Whitton, Middlesex

  • The Winning Post - new , Chertsey Road, Whitton
    As well as being a very large Town pub situated on the opposite side of the A316 to the Stoop and further west .This is a Premier Lodge, with rooms starting at £42.95 per night. Rooms can accommodate 1 adult, 2 adults or family 2 adults and 2 children under 16. Link is www.premierlodge.com this site classifies the Winning Post as being in Twickenham! Within walking distance to Stoop and HQ (approx 1 mile) - Thanks Worried of Whitton



  • DitchA random ditch by a roadside. If you have had a long day watching Quins in France why not relax by resting in one of the many ditches that the French have provided for such use. They can be found in most parts of France although their use in major cities is often frowned upon and is probably best avoided. What can be better after leaving a bar at 4am or the some time the following day just falling into a grassy depression to inhale the heady scent of newly crushed grass while the dew on the grass cools your brow? Truly a pastoral delight! - new - Thanks to DitchSleeper and Calliopeia

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