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  • Chinese Uncle - this is a mixture of vodka, ginger ale and fresh lime which is a fine refreshing drink that you can fool yourself into believing is good for you (in a similar way to a bloody Mary). Some say the name was coined by a drunken Diamond Geezer who was misunderstood by a barman at a wedding in Sussex, others say it is an old drink with a history going back to ancient China, Mongolia and Russia. Ginger which had been used for thousands of years in Chinese cooking and medicine was being traded along the Silk Route, grain spirit (vodka) was being produced in Russia and was also being traded. At some point in the 14th century vodka and ginger juice was first mixed in the trading towns of Mongolia, in the area around modern day Ulan Bator. This drink became very popular and ended up a favourite drink among the Mongol leaders. Centuries later Joseph Stalin visited Ulan Bator and tasted the drink which he enjoyed and took the recipe back to the Kremlin where it became very popular and where it got its current name - the Chinese Uncle - Chinese after the Chinese origin of the ginger and Uncle after Uncle Joe Stalin. Ginger ale is used because it is easier to come by in western bars and lime is added to sharpen the flavour and make it appeal to western palates. There are many bars where you can now get a Chinese Uncle most of them are in Surrey, London, Sussex, Limerick, Castres and Cardiff.
  • Frankie Worrell - this is a mix of rums, ginger ale and lime cordial. It is named after the West Indian cricketer Sir Frank Mortimer Maglinne (crazy name!) Worrell who was born in Barbados in 1924. Frankie Worrell is famous for three things playing cricket, having his image on the Barbados $5 note and this drink.
    The cocktail known as the Frankie Worrell is not only very tasty but is known to break the ice at parties especially if the making of it goes disastrously wrong - this result is known as an explosion of Frankiejism! You need to start with a long glass into which you put a little ice - just one or two cubes. Then you pour in a measure of dark rum, one of golden rum and one of white rum, to this you add a dash of lime cordial, then the fun starts. You grasp the bottle of ginger ale, take the top off and place your thumb firmly over the top, you then shake the bottle so the pressure builds up - then you carefully allow a fine jet of ginger ale to shoot into the rum/lime mix - this causes it to froth up. When you are satisfied that you have enough ginger ale in your glass and while it is still frothy you down the whole thing. Then you apologise to everyone around you that you have covered with frankiejism and ask the barman for another. This drink can be found in a few locations in Surrey - it also used to be available in Ronnie Scott's 2 in Birmingham - this missionary work was carried out by a Geezer who is also a member of the Surrey Temperance Society.
  • Gargleblaster (thanks to RugbyBird for her extensive research into this drink)
    You will need:

          1 small glass
          1 bottle of Cointreau
          1 mouth
          1 large intake of air
          Plenty of space

    Firstly make sure there is nothing/no-one breakable within your body's length in all directions.
    Then pour one shot of Cointreau in the glass.
    Do not add ice
    Put the Cointreau bottle down a safe distance away from you
    Pour the Cointreau into your mouth and put glass with the Cointreau bottle
    Begin to swish the Cointreau around your mouth like mouthwash
    After a few rotations you will begin to feel a faint, but not unpleasant, burning sensation on your gums and your tongue

    Continue to swish as this sensation grows in intensity and spreads over your face and behind your eyes
    When, and only when, the burning sensation becomes a little too much - tip your head back but do not swallow yet
    Begin to gargle with the Cointreau
    That same, but still not unpleasant, burning sensation will then start to build at the back of your throat
    When, and only when, this burning sensation becomes a little too much - swallow the Cointreau and immediately suck a large amount of air in through your mouth.

    After a split second you will experience one of the most fantastic feelings you could hope for.
    This feeling could be accompanied by any or all of the following:

    Swearing, whooping with joy, watering eyes, mouth clutching, falling over.

    All of the above are perfectly normal and just add to the overall enjoyment factor - for you and/or observers.

    Do Not Be Afraid - Try It - You Will Love It!
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