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Walking In A Geezer Wonderland

By TrevJ©

In the bar, beer is pourin'
And the geezers are a-roarin'
A win for the team
And life is a dream
Walking in a geezer wonderland

On the stage there's karaoke
Though the singing isn't OK
We're having a laugh
After beating Bath
Walking in a geezer wonderland

(this bit's the chorus )
At the social we can have a boat race
Pints of lager quickly going down
No one's ever beaten us at our place
But you can have a go when you're in town

There's a place called the East Stand
Where we sing with the big band
We dance and gyrate
'til we can't stand up straight
Walking in a geezer wonderland


Later on we'll conspire
About the coaches that we'll hire
To follow the Quins
To multiple wins
Walking in a geezer wonderland.
Walking in a geezer wonderland
Walking in a geezer wonderland .

(you can stop there, 'cos that's it)

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