Diamond Geezer Title


My Old Man's a Geezer

(Tune: My Old Man's A Dustman)

By Binky©

Now, 'ere's a little story, about a funny group
Known as the Diamond Geezers, you'll find 'em at the Stoop
They shout a lot and make a din - you may think that they're yobs
but have no fear their trousers, are louder than their gobs

Oh, My old mans a Geezer, he wears the diamond trews
He watches Quins play Rugby and hopes that they won't lose
He goes to every rugby match, on Will's coach he can roam
And then he has at least 10 pints and staggers his way home.

His trousers are in extra large, but tight around his waist
They clash with his Quins Rugby shirt but he thinks he's got taste
He sings a bit like Sharon and he dances like a coot
It's sad but every other day he wears a pinstripe suit.


you may think that these geezers are sorry looking chaps
The trews that hurt your vision should be kept well under wraps
Bring back the blazer and the tie I surely hear you yell
But there is even sadder news - there's geezerettes as well !

Other version: Ode To The Boys

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