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Yogi Bear

Tune: Camptown Races
There is a bear in Jellystone,
Yogi, Yogi,
There is a bear in Jellystone,
Yogi, Yogi Bear.

Yogi, Yogi Bear,
Yogi, Yogi Bear,
There is a bear in Jellystone,
Yogi, Yogi Bear.

Yogi's got a little friend,
Booboo, Booboo,
Yogi's got a little friend,
Booboo, Booboo Bear.
Booboo, Booboo bear,
Booboo, Booboo bear,
Yogi's got a little friend,
Booboo, Booboo bear.

And similarly:

Yogi's got an enemy, Ranger Ranger, Ranger Smith
Yogi's got a girlfriend, CIndy, Cindy, Cindy Bear.
Cindy likes lingerie, teddy, teddy, teddy bear.
Cindy has no teeth, Gummi, Gummi, Gummi bear.
Yogi's got a cheesy knob, cammum, Cammum, Camembert.
Booboo likes it up the arse, brown, Brown, brown bear.
Cindy weighs 500lbs, more than, More than I can bear.
Cindy likes it on the fridge, polar, Polar, polar bear.
Yogi's dick is long and green, cucum, Cucum, cucumber.
Cindy puts it in her mouth, goblin, goblin, goblin bear
Cindy never shaves her pubes, grizzly, Grizzly, grizzly bare.
Cindy she has great big tits, More than, More than I can bear.
Boo-Boo likes it upside down, Koala, Koala, Koala bear.
Yogi uses condoms smarty smarty bear, smarty smarty bear...
But... Booboo pockes holes in them naughty naughty bear
Ranger Smith lives by his own wanker wanker Smith
Yogi likes whips and chanes sado maso bear
One I'd like to shag all night, Danni, Danni, Danni Behr

There's a bear down at The Stoop, Harley, Harley Bear
Harley's got a little friend Charley, Charley Bear
Will's so old he's got no teeth.......gummy, gummy bear
Mrs B likes lingerie..........teddy, teddy bear
Melvin's helmet hurts his head...........grizzly, grizzly bear
Charley's wears a G-string, sexy, sexy, sexy bear
(If you are wondering about this last line you should have been at the last game of the season (2001/2002) at Sale!)

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