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The Siva Tau (Samoan War Dance)

Le Manu Samoa e, ia manú le fai o le faiva
Le Manu Samoa e, ia manú le fai o le faiva
Le Manu Samoa lenei ua ou sau
Leai se isi Manu o le atulaulau
Ua ou sau nei ma le mea atoa
Ma lo'u malosi ua atoatoa
Ia e faatafa ma e sósó ese
Leaga o lenei Manu e uiga ese
Le Manu Samoa! Le Manu Samoa!
Le Manu Samoa e o mai i Samoa!

English translation:

The Manu Samoa, may you succeed in your mission
The Manu Samoa, here I come
There is no other Manu anywhere
Here I come completely prepared
My strength is at its peak
Make way and move aside
Because this Manu is unique
The Manu Samoa
The Manu Samoa
The Manu Samoa reigns from Samoa.

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