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The Sipi Tau (Tongan War Dance)

'Ei e! Ei e!
Teu lea pea tala ki mamani katoa
Ko e 'ikale taki kuo halofia
Ke 'ilo 'e he sola moe taka
Koe 'aho ni teu tamate tangata
'A e haafe mo e tautua'a
Kuo hu'i hoku anga tangata
He! He! 'Ei e. Tu
Teu peluki e molo moe foueti taka
Pea ngungu mo ha loto fita'a
Keu mate ai he ko hoku loto
Ko Tonga pe mate ki he moto
Ko Tonga pe mate ki he moto
'Ei e! Ei e!

English translation:

I shall speak to the whole world
The sea eagle is starved
Let the foreigner and sojourner beware
Today, destroyer of souls I am, everywhere
To the half back and the backs
I have shed my human characteristics
Maul and loose forwards I shall mow
And crunch any fierce hearts you know
I drink the ocean and consume the fire
To death or victory my will is fine
That's how Tonga gives to her motto
To her motto, Tonga gives all
To her motto, Tonga gives all
Hi! Hi!

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