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Have you heard about the big strong man? Well he lived in a caravan.

Did you here about the Geoffrey Johnson fight, oh what a hell of a fight?

You can bring all the heavyweights you got, I got a lad here’ll beat the whole lot.

He used to ring the bells in the bells in the belfry, now he’s gonna fight Jack Dempsey.


That was my brother, Sylvest. What’s he got? He’s got a row of forty medals on his chest (big chest).

Killed fifty badmen in the West, he knows no rest, bigger the man, hell fire, don’t push, just shove, plentia room for you and me.

He’s got an arm, just like a leg (a lady’s leg) and a punch that would sink a battleship (big ship).

Take all the army and the navy to put the wind up Sylvest.

Well he thought he’d take a trip to Italy and he thought that he’d go by sea.

Well he jumped off the harbour in New York, and sure he swam like a man made of cork.

He saw the Lusitania in distress. What did he do? He stuck the Lusitania on his chest (big chest).

Swallowed all the water in the sea (big swallow) and walked the whole way to Italy


Well he thought he’d take a trip to auld Japan, sure they turned out the whole brass band,

He played every instrument they got and like a lad sure he beat the whole lot.

Well the auld church choir was singin’ hell’s fire and the auld church bells was ringin’ hell’s bells.

They all turned out to say farewell to my big brother Sylvest.

(Chorus) ending

.............................................to put the wind up May West!

Many thanks to Ken Crozier for sending these lyrics in

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