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I don't want to be a paddy

By The Professor & Calliopoeia

I don't want to be a paddy,
I'd much rather be a Quin,
I'd rather hang around The Stoop Memorial Ground,
Than go and have a beer in the ugly carpark,
I don't have a chip upon my shoulder,
I don't own a barbour or drink gin,
The team I love is English, very, very English
I'd rather watch the Quins and dance and sing (so badly)

We're more Irish than the Oirish
They'd much rather play for Quins
They'd rather run around The Stoop Memorial Ground
Than go and fight the drop in 'The Ugly Car park'
I don't want to wear a fuzzy green wig
I'd much rather wear the trews
I'll go and cheer the Quins team, the fine and mighty Quins team
And then I'll shout and cheer and dance and sing (so badly)

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