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Humble Pie
(American Pie)

Not so long ago,
I can still remember how that rugby final made me smile.
And I knew if we had our chance
that we could muller Wales and France
and maybe we'd be happy for a while.
But Saturday made the Aussies shiver
with every point our boys delivered.
Bad news, Mr Gregan;
your coach is worse than Keegan.
I can't remember if I sighed when I watched our Jason score the try.
But something made me howl with pride
the day the Aussies cried.

Say bye bye; go and eat humble pie.
Always beat you when we meet you.
It's no word of a lie.
and England boys will drink their beer through the night
singing "Aussie rugby union is sh*te".
"Aussie rugby union is sh*te".

We stick to the book of rules
and we still make Aussies look like fools.
Everybody knows it's true.
And we do believe in ruck and maul
While Aussies always drop the ball and
can we teach them how to drop real goals.
Well I knew that day you wouldn't win
cos I saw you training in the gym.
You lobbed the ball around
but you didn't make any ground.
Your were a bunch of useless Wallabies
Oh you think you're great but are just wannabe's.
But I knew you'd be on your knees
the day we crushed your pride.

I started singing;
Bye bye, Billy's ours. Gotta gloat:
Off to England; yes, that's ENGLAND.
Don't that stick in your throat.
and Aussie press will have to eat what they wrote.
Singing "Come on, Campo, give us a quote".
"Come on, Campo, give us a quote".

I met a man called Eddy Jones.
His voice was thick with winging tones.
he just cried and moaned all day.
He claimed the English were a bore
but I'd heard that bull**** years before
and the fact was that the Aussies couldn't play.
On the pitch the English roared.
The feeble Aussie pack was floored.
Not a word was spoken.
The Aussie dream was broken.
And the one man that he feared the most,
when England took it to their hosts;
He put the ball right through the posts
the day.........the Aussies.....cried.

And he was singing'
Bye bye, so we both got a try.
It's so boring when your scoring
against rugby's small fry.
And Woodward's boys will drink their beers through the night
singing Kefu, Jones and Gregan are sh*te.
Kefu, Jones and Gregan are sh*te.

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