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Burke's big night in
by SleepyHollow©

How some people might have celebrated the epic cup win over Leicester.

Any similarity with real events or people is a total coincidence.

Picture the scene, a West London semi at about 7.30pm on a Saturday evening. The sound of the front door opens, Raffles, a cross breed terrier pants excitedly.

"I'm home darling" says Quins international fly half Paul Burke.

"Had a good day love?" Replies the missus.

"Not bad. We just beat the best side in the northern hemisphere and it was live on TV".

"That's nice dear" replied the missus.

"Not going out with the boys then?"

"Not tonight dear, I keep being mistaken for Richard Hill by Ebbw Vale supporters!"

"That's a shame dear. Mind you staying away from them is probably a good idea. Last time you were out with them one of them swallowed a traffic cone and that big New Zealander is always trouble!"

"He's an aussie dearest."

"Oh well never mind, same page of the atlas!"

"Do you know what?"

"What's that dearest?"

"I think we should celebrate! With a bit of luck the selectors might call tonight. I wonder where that bottle of Black Tower is that great uncle Patrick gave us when we got married?"
He continues on "I'll go and open it, you put on that new Steps CD."

Twenty minutes later .....

"Do you know what love?"

"What's that honey munch kin"

"Life doesn't get much better than this!"

"No dear, it doesn't!"