Diamond Geezer Title

Ode To A Non-Geezer
by TrevJ

Ever since I joined this team
I reckoned things weren't as good as they seem
As I sit alone in the south stand freezing
I think I really should be geezerin'

Multicoloured trewsers by Mary Quant
Or a horned helmet if that's what you want
A nice big bar with plenty of beer
To keep you happy and cheery all year

If you're late for the social you don't lose your place
Somebody will know your face
Will or Binky or even Old Kwin
Will soon step aside to let you in

The trews have got a practical bent
Deep, deep pockets that are heaven sent
Plenty of room for programme and cash
Tickets, camera, film and flash

The Diamond Geezers roam far and wide
Giving support to their favourite side
Singing their songs in the geezer boy choir
A Harlequins win, their only desire

Geezers meet early for a pint and a fag
Choosing a pub from the Jester mag
Then after the game it's dance sing and drink
'Til your voice goes hoarse and you can't even think

And when you're too drunk to play anymore
Stretch yourself out for a sleep on the floor
You might think to sleep on the floor is a bitch
But it's better than taking a kip in a ditch

So join the geezers is what I must do
If I really want to enjoy the view
Of a Quins match seen through an alki haze
Oh deepest joy, oh happy days