Diamond Geezer Title

New Season, New Kit

Photos by Binky

After the debacle of changing to black shorts made by Kooga the cllub has U-turned and decided to change their collective mind. The original white shorts are still thought to be too old fashioned and the black shorts which were most famous for bursting at regular intervals have to be changed because of the effect their replacement mid-game had on various Geezerettes. So new shorts had to be found.

Sleuth Binky has again uncovered the answer, Mark Evans obviously wants the 'connection' between the team and the fans to continue and expand, and to facilitate this he has decided to ask Dentons to design the new shorts. As Scotty says 'If they can hold in the ample posteriors and bellys of the average Geezer they will certainly be able to last out the season without being replaced'.

New Shorts
How the new shorts will look