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It's Official: Mickey Mouse Wears A Tony Spreadbury Watch!

Shocking evidence has come through that Mickey Mouse - creation of that famously bad cartoonist Walt Disney - wears a watch from the House of Spreadbury!

Even Gerald Ratner wouldn't sell them in his shops, when asked why Mr Ratner said "these Spreadbury watches are based on the one he uses for timekeeping in Harlequins' matches. They are utter crap not only because of the horrible image on their face but they are incredibly inaccurate - they can gain or lose up to 9 minutes in any 80 minute period! The fact that these watches are made and people will buy them is about as funny as a Mickey mouse cartoon!

Even though these watches are terrible in appearance and function they are said to be very popular amongst other RFU officials, with Lander also owning a special edition version.

Spreadbury Watch

Binky did a reinactment at the Wasps game of what Mickey Mouse may look like with his watch.
If you don't know who Spreadbury is - you're lucky, if you want to look here.