Diamond Geezer Title

Harlequins v Northampton 26 Jan 2002
Report by Kwin©

After the game yesterday, drowning my sorrows in the E Stand bar,  I ran into Northampton's John Steele. He was kind enough to agree to an exclusive interview for the Diamond Geezers.

kwin: "so you must be pretty satisfied with today, John"

John Steele: "yes, of course. I thought we did really well, given the conditions, and facing an really gutsy, backboned performance from Quins. However we are playing really well at the moment - seven wins from eight games now, and I think we were just too strong for you in the end"

kwin: "yes a great run - that Wayne Smith has turned out to be quite a good appointment, hasn't he?"

JS: "well I'm surprised you think so, kwin! Frankly, we're starting to regret bringing him in: Basically we hired him in a bit of a panic, when the team weren't doing so well, but almost from the moment contracts were signed the players picked themselves up and started playing brilliantly. Seems like we didn't need Wayne after all, and he might have been a bit of a waste of money. Still it's one of those things."

kwin: "but...but don't you think Wayne could be responsible for the improved performances?"

JS: "Come off it, kwin, how could he be? He's only the coach! - did you see him out on the pitch in a green shirt today? I think not"

k: "So it's just a coincidence, this up turn then, coinciding exactly with his arrival?"

JS: "Of course: you just have to look at the facts, kwin: our upturn began with the Newcastle game, and Wayne had hardly got here then - clearly it all started before him. I mean, he makes a contribution of course - better game-plans, some new moves, great organisation, focus on skills, motivates the players well, but apart from that, nothing much really"

k: "John Steele - thanks very much for talking to me"

JS: "thank you, kwin, pleasure to meet you. Hey Look! - isn't that Melvin over there with Crabbers??... Say - you couldn't get me PerryGo's autograph could you?"