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Grounds still to visit .....
by SleepyHollow

Bath has the most picturesque setting of all the sides in the ZP premiership. Partly below street level and smack bang in the middle of town, there are fantastic views of steeples, towers, churches and some resplendent Georgian architecture. It's a city that’s bathed in history, including the famous baths. Facilities at the ground are OK but the joys of a visit to Bath are the pubs and restaurants in the surrounding area. There’s at least two great curry houses (from personal experience) and plenty of high quality pubs. Ground capacity is similar to the Stoop with covered stands on two adjacent sides and uncovered seating on a third side.

Bristol play at the Memorial Ground where Rovers are based. The ground used to belong to the rugby club, but in a dire financial position they sold it to Rovers who have developed it considerably. The rugby club are now aiming to buy it back. Capacity is high with two covered stands mostly along the sides and a lot of standing area elsewhere. It’s located in a residential area that is almost as unremarkable and welcoming as Gloucester. So if you want to stay there for the weekend, stay in Bath and catch the train over! We play there on a Sunday, but fortunately it’s a bank holiday weekend.

London Irish play at the Madski. Probably the best of the medium sized football grounds in the country. Viewing lines are unrestricted virtually everywhere and the car parking facilities are the best in the premiership. The food and drinking facilities aren’t that great, although I know the Irish are striving to improve them. The ground is a bus ride from the station and it’s right in the middle of nowhere. So taking some tucker with you when you go is always a good idea.

That leaves Sale. Strangely, apart from the Stoop, this is my personal favourite. It’s a traditional set up, a smallish stand and a lot of standing area. They are developing one end at the moment. Where it scores highly is the clubhouse, bars and the people. They tend to do a pint for a pound before 1pm on match days. So arrive early! We just made it last time at five to one. So we had to settle for two cheap rounds!

Join us ......

If you want to join us on any of the remaining coach trips then either ring me at home on 020 8643 2145 between 7 and 9 pm on a weekday evening or e-mail me on will@diamondgeezers.org.uk Or better still come up to me in the bar before or after a game. Your seat awaits you.