Diamond Geezer Title

New Classes of Geezers

Thanks to Binky for stealing photographs from Highgrove

It has come to the attention of the 57 Old Geezers that the Diamond Geezer has changed and evolved over the 2001/2002 season, It started with just males being betrewsed (and one being beshorted), then came the Diamond Geezerette - betrewsed, becaped or beskirted members of the fairer sex. Then as always happens in such a situation the Diamond Nipper was born - youthful types with a glint of hope in their eyes. Then wigs, horned helmets, hats, caps, Geezer flags all were developed.

In recent weeks other new forms have evolved, firstly the Diamond Gent - a strange chimeric figure where trews are worn with blazer and club tie:

Diamond Gent
Diamond Gent

Finally through risking his own life Binky has discovered that the wearing of the trews goes right to the top. Here we see HRH Prince Charles sporting a fine pair of Saville Row produced trews.

Diamond Prince

There is rumour that Queen Elizabeth will be wearing a Geezerette gown for her jubilee celebrations, but as Midge always says you shouldn't listen to Rumours or any other Fleetwood Mac album!