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Meet the DG's evening - An Open Letter from Binky

To the players - We recognise and appreciate the considerable travelling the players do week in and week out to support the DGs' and we can only apologise for our poor performance this season. Our team play this year has been erratic to say the least, with East and West rarely passing the chant successfully. On paper, we have some superb shouters, yet our harmonies remain uncoordinated and dull. Away our performance has been marginally better, especially at Northampton, but we were clearly out-songed by Bridgend at home. This is a worrying trend which the management are working hard to correct. Getting rid of our coach will not solve the problem (we will not be able to travel to away games) and Mark Evans does not want to don the trews and lead the singing. Away from the field our training is superb. The pints pass along the line smoothly and quickly, the defence of the bar is effective, the singing is loud, we have coat piling down to a fine art, nobody can eat pork rolls like the Prof, and the dancing is adequate. DGs' in the community is also working very well. To quote one two-year old "Oh look, Mummy - Clowns!". Finally, we are aware of your ploy of sending Scotty and Ace to find out about our future plans, so why don't some more of you join us after the Gloucester game at the rough end of the East Stand bar (Fortress DG) and together we can work on some ways to take this fine club forward?

(This message first appeared on the official Quins' Forum)