Diamond Geezer Title

Powergen Cup - Leicester - 19 January 2002
Transcript of Deano's post match interview
by The Professor ©

Smiling and gracious as always - Deano

Deano: 'Well what more can I say than Harlequins thoroughly deserved their win today as did Llanelli last week. Quins were certainly the best team on the day and beat us fairly and squarely, and they didn't have to stoop to the appalling tactics that we use week in week out.

'How we didn't have more men sin binned I don't know, Cockerell and Johnson both deserved to be sent off for punching, stamping and sticking the knee in, and Back's killing of the ball in the second half was truly disgraceful - but then again they should all be sent off every week.

'I wish Quins every success for the rest of the season, this is definitely a fantastic ground and your fans are a credit to your club - especially the Diamond Geezers - crazy guys or what!.

'I'm off now to read some stories at the children's ward in the local hospital, but before that I want to quench my thirst - I wonder if there is a nettle around somewhere that I can lick piss from?'

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