Diamond Geezer Title

The Compleat Geezer
By Binky

I had this little daydream which featured me sitting in a circle of concerned and sympathetic people as I, in a quiet and embarrassed voice, uttered: “My name is Binky and I am a Diamond Geezer”. What makes a staid, middle aged, overweight and ever so slightly balding civil servant suddenly become a loud, attention-seeking, devil-may-care, jovial, singing, dancing….. fool. Time for a bit of self-analysis!

There I am, 9 to 5, suit and tie, trying to spend the taxpayers money wisely, stressed with an ever increasing pile of problems, worrying about everything and anything with the weight of the world on my shoulders. Yet come the weekend, out from the murky depths of my wardrobe emerge the most hideous, loud and brash trousers one could ever imagine. Donning the trews makes me amusing, vibrant, svelte and tireless, dancing and singing till all hours and totally unaware that I am behaving like a born-again prat. Is it a mid-life crisis? Is it a vain attempt to regain long lost youth and vigour? Is it a cry for help? Perhaps just a release from stress and tribulation or is it something deeper, darker or maybe just plain sad? If it is any or all of the above, then why are an increasing amount of people, young and old, male and female, joining in?

Lets look at the phenomenon that is the Diamond Geezers (DG’s). According to the official history the DG’s arose as a sort of visual rebellion against the perceived ‘pink gin and blazer’ prevalent within the Harlequins Football Club. The visual (and vocal) impact of the DG’s was immediately successful and more and more people joined this brash and outrageous sect. But having made the point, why do the DG’s continue to thrive and why do I, personally, continue to wear the regalia when others can carry on the movement? Perhaps the answer may lie in the fact that I have a desire to don a uniform and belong to a club that collectively shares the extremes of emotion. The Harlequins certainly provide that emotion - what other Rugby club can offer you tears of frustration and rage (draws against LI, Northampton and Newcastle, Tetleys cup final, snatching defeat from victory on numerous occasions etc) coupled with unbridled joy (Tiggers in the cup (twice), the European Shield etc)? Maybe it is this shared emotion that binds and bonds us and generates the esprit de corps that has been lacking at the club for so long? But the Harlequins have always offered this roller coaster ride of emotion. Or - could it be that as an escape from the mundane, we don the trews and, as long as there are others there to share the derision and sneers, we couldn’t give a damn about what others think provided that we are having a right good laugh, particularly at ourselves?

The bottom line is that I have carried out this self-analysis and come to no satisfactory conclusion other than I enjoy the fun and frolics associated with being a DG. I, along with my similarly sumptuously attired comrades, couldn’t give a toss provided that our support for the Quins remains constant, loud and visually stimulating.

So, the next time I have this daydream, I will shout to the assembly “My name is Binky and I am proud to be a Diamond Geezer - now pass me another pint and let's get singing!”