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The Shocking Trews Advert!

By AJB and The Professor

The following shocking advertisement has been brought to the attention of the Diamond Geezers by AJB. Those who are pregnant, under age or of a weak disposition should read no further!

Sick Trews AdvertisementAs can be seen the Trews - the standard item of Diamond Geezer clothing - are shown in a disgusting image the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Benetton campaigns of the 1990s.

Firstly this "man" is shown without a Quins shirt! How often would a Geezer or Geezerette allow themselves to be caught in such a pose?! The "Chef's Teflon Coated Jacket" that he is wearing shows no strain around the midrif, and because of it's Teflon coating has no stains on it either - how can he tell the casualty nurse what he has been eating and drinking earlier in the evening?!

Also where is the display of pint holding, and pork roll eating, and nowhere can we see the obligatory pile of coats!

This advertisement, which was brought to the attention of the 57 Old geezers by AJB, has caused such offence that we call upon all Geezers and Geezerettes to write to the Advertising Standards Agency in the strongest terms and also to send offensive letters to Max Clifford - not that he had anything to do with it, but just because we don't like him!

We would like to apologise for any offence caused by this article but we thought it was for the public good.

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