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Has anyone noticed the spooky similarity between our very own Otis Redding sound-alike Terry and the ancient bronzed from the ceremonial burial pits of Sanxingdui from the twelfth century BCE? One is an mysterious figure of worship with a bald head and pointy ears - the other is an Ancient Chinese bronze.
But what does this mean? Apart from the fact that The Professor works in the Oriental Gallery of the British Museum, very little - or does it??!!!

Ancient Chinese Bronze

A second looky-likey has been suggested for Terry - thanks Jen_10

Has anyone noticed the incredible similarity between our own Eastender - Terry (well he's from east Surrey) and Mike Reid the actor who played Frank Butcher in Eastenders.
One is a man who has appeared on our television screens and has performed music in his own inimitable style, the other one is a soap star. But they are both famous for giving people the Runaround!
Apologies to those of you who are too young to know what Runaround was.

Frank Butcher

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