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Have you noticed the passing resemblance between our own MrsB and Posh Spice?
One is a raven haired sex symbol with an unlikely-looking husband always present in the background. The other used to be in the Spice Girls.
Rumours that Ace Tiatia has been seen with his arm around Posh Spice are as yet unsubstantiated but I don't rate Beckham's chances if it comes to a straight fight
(Then again as Midge always says - you shouldn't listen to Rumours)

posh spice mrs b
Posh Spice

Thanks to Richard E Kwin for pointing this out

Have you noticed the similarity between our very own MrsB and Betty Rubble?
One is a bob haired beauty married to a smiling chap with a touch of the Neanderthal about him and the other is a cartoon character.

mrs b Betty Rubble
Betty Rubble

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