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In an odd quirk of fate (can there be any other quirks other than odd ones?) one of the Quins supporting Andys has ended up without a nick name!

Andy Brown has ended up with the names: "AJB" and "split skin Andy" (you had to be there!)

Andy Scrutton has the names: "nice guy Andy", "innuendo Andy", "bastard photographer Andy" , "Munster Andy" etc. for various reasons.

However there is an Andy that has no nick name so far, hard as it may be to be believed. This is the Andy that goes by the name of Andy Steele, the closest thing he has to a nick name of his own is "Smiler's mate Andy", this is not good enough he should be given a name in his own right and now is your chance to do so...

Who am I?
Who am I?

Pin the name on the Andy:

This seems to be turning into more of a Looky-likey competition but they are quite amusing anyway.
  • Jasper Carrot Andy - Rob t
  • Spike Milligan Andy - Steeevo

  • Sooty - RobShew (because he doesn't say much)

  • Niki Lauda (before his accident) - RobShew

  • French President Andy - Fletch

  • Here are some anagrams from RugbyBird: Stela Needy, East End Ely, Dental Eyes, Stale Endey, Edna Sleety, Delay Teens and Slanted Eye

  • Nasser Hussein Andy - Worried of Whitton

  • He looks like Pete Townsend to me.....so maybe something along the lines of "Pete Andy" or "PT"...or "Andy Who" - Duncan Knapp

  • From Viks:
    If you think about it, "no name Andy" is a contradiction in terms, and twisting the laws of English grammar slightly, and squinting a little, etc etc, a contradiction in terms is also an oxymoron. Therefore, as an abbreviation / term of endearment, I suggest we call him "moron" for short. However, as BatQuin kindly pointed out to me, an awful lot of people may turn round late in the evening in the East Stand Bar of The Stoop if we shouted "oy, moron"!!!!!!!

  • A name has finally been decided upon - Chalky or No Name Chalky - because of him chalking varions protruding parts of DGs in Cardiff on the Caerphilly trip - even RobShew;s knob ended up blue afterwards!

Competition closed

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