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Far Flung Geezers 2: The Competition

The competition was so successful last year that it will be repeated again.

After much deliberation the 57 Old Geezers have come up with the following rules for the Far Flung Geezer competition. The winning of said competition will not automatically entitle you to a place in Europe and, in keeping with RFU and Premiership Rugby, we reserve the right to change the rules at any time as and when it suits us. We will not inform anyone of these changes and ignorance of these rule changes is not a viable excuse. The prize is as yet undecided but will depend on who wins and how drunk the adjudicators are when the final decision is made.

This year's entries

There are only a couple entries for this year as yet but you can see last year's entries here.

The Rules:

Points will be awarded for:

  1. straight-line distance from The Stoop
  2. famous monument in background
  3. response of locals (bemusement/amusement/shock/getting arrested/deported/shot at etc.)
  4. inappropriateness of being dressed in your trews at the place/occasion pictured (e.g. at a conference for the colourblind, a funeral etc.)
  5. wearing your Quins shirt too (the older the shirt the better)
  6. wearing shirt, trews, mask, black cap, a slapstick over your head and standing with your ankles crossed (The DGs cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred when standing with ankles crossed)
  7. difficulty of arriving at the location (e.g. you would get more points for being photographed at the top of K2 than you would for being in New Zealand)
  8. doing something silly (e.g. abseiling, wearing a beard of bees etc.)
  9. appearing with a famous person (extra points will be awarded for being photographed with a Quins player or ex-player - but not on the Morocco Challenge. Extra points will also be awarded for being photographed with a third world despot, Elvis, an alien etc.)
  10. holding multiple drinks whilst taking part in the above (obviously extra points will be awarded if you can manage to hold multiple pints and a slapstick above your head at the same time)
  11. leading the singing and/or dancing at your location
  12. carrying out one of the official trews uses (e.g. signalling a rescue plane etc.)
  13.  getting the photograph in a newspaper, most wanted poster or the FBI most wanted web site

For example, if you had a photo:

  • of you wearing your trews in Sydney you would get points for distance (I)
  • taken with the Opera House behind you you would get more points (II)
  • taken on the top of the Harbour Bridge you would get extra points for difficulty of getting there (VII)
  • taken on stage at the Opera House you would get more points (VII & IV)
  • taken on stage at the Opera House in full gear (including slapstick), wearing a beard of bees, singing The Mighty Quinn with Pavarotti & Kiri Tekanawa, whilst drinking and holding 15 pints, whilst using your trews to collect money for Whizz-Kidz, as the police are arresting you - you would probably win (unless someone else has bribed the judge)

The judges decision is final, unless we decide to change it - bribery is allowed.

All entries must be sent to theprofessor@diamondgeezers.org.uk by 1st June 2004

There are no entries for this tear as yet but you can see last year's entries here.

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