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Caption Contest 3: Vos and the police

Vos & Plod
The image:
This photo was taken by Prof at the Harlequin Supporters' Pub Night at The Old Monk in Love Lane, The City.

If you have any suggestions as to what Andre and the police are saying or thinking send them to the usual address - webmaster@diamondgeezers.org.uk
All entries must be received by 31st December 2003

The entries so far:
  • Andre saying "No, officer, honestly, I just found this false hand lying on the floor" - Boonie
  • Well officer, I wasn't actually there at the time but it happened at Twickenham and it was a clear cut case of daylight robbery - the culprit, Steve Lander of course! - Prof
  • So you have to read there rights before can kick them - Melvin
  • I want to make an official complaint!
    Date 4/4/03 Place Headingley
    We were travelling comfortably towards a four star hostelry, when some blind, traffic warden gives D.L. a parking ticket! (For heaven's sake he was still moving.) Then he stops the rest of us and  lets oncoming traffic through. Before we know it, the landlord has called time! We're expecting a jug and all we get is one measly pint! - Babs

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