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Caption Contest 2: Scotty & Viks

Scotty & Viks
The image:
This photo was taken by Innuendo Andy (who also earned the name Bastard Photographer Andy on the night) in the bar after the Players Awards Dinner here we see Scotty (Mr Scott Room 611) and Viks having a chat.

If you have any suggestions as to what Scotty and Viks are saying or thinking send them to the usual address - webmaster@diamondgeezers.org.uk
All entries must be received by 1st October 2002

The entries so far:
  • Viks: "For the LAST time, NO you can't join the Ladies Team!" - Innuendo Andy

  • "No, Scotty, those aren't my eyes either..." - Charlie Pearce

  • Scotty: "And this is the new DG condom" - Paddy69
  • Viks: "And when i snap my fingers you will be - Kylie". - Bob
  • Viks: "And so that is what HTML really means and how the web really got started."
  • Scotty: " Viks I understand that you are a Techie, can you help me? I seem to be have trouble with my floppy." - Worried of Whitton
  • Scotty: "Crumbs! Well, it was there a minute ago......." - Steeevo
  • Scotty: "What? Oh, THESE trousers......" - Steevo
  • Viks: "Go and have wash immediately, you nasty little man!" - CallHome
  • Scotty: *SIGH* "It's the braces, right? You don't like the braces. I knew they were too much."
    Viks: "It's not the braces so much as what they're attached to......." - Steevo
  • Scotty: "If you look from this angle it looks quite big!" - Melvin
  • Scotty: "Sorry Viks, Tempting though it is I'm afraid my girlfriend would kill me if I took you up on that offer" - BrianC
  • "I'm really sorry, Miss Gallagher - but they made me put these trews on!" - Rugby Bird
  • Scotty: "Yes Miss Gallagher, I will not tell Prof my room number again" - Lurcio
  • Viks: "Is that it?!"
    Scotty: "Sorry it's never happened to me before" - Prof
  • Scotty: 'No REALLY, it wasn't me!' - KWC
  • Viks: 'Do you know who I am?!' - KWC
  • Viks: 'Do you know who my father is?!' - KWC
  • Viks (thinking to herself) - Well that's found his off switch, now which room do I book the booze to? - Lurcio
  • Viks: 'I guess my ruler must be in different units to yours....' - KWC
  • Scotty: "It's never done that before" - Lurcio
  • Scotty: "Sorry Viks, I promise the next signing will be a 6'6" single, Northern second row" - Prof
  • Viks thinking - "How has he balanced that picture on his shoulder!" - Lurcio

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