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Caption Contest 1: Prof & LabRat

The image:
An image from RobShew showing the bewigged Prof in Fortress Geezer talking to LabRat
If you have any suggestions as to what Prof or LabRat are saying or thinking send them to the usual address - webmaster@diamondgeezers.org.uk
All entries must be received by 1st October 2002
The entries so far:
  • Prof: "Well you're obviously Dougal from The Magic Roundabout, but who the hell am I?!" - Charlie Pearce

  • LabRat: "Well 007 the disguise , Hair's OK but the beard too obviously false!" - Bob
  • No, I said Leeds will go down! - Melvin
  • LabRat is mesmerised by the bewigged Prof and fails to notice that he is consuming her beer with his amazing Invisible Straw©! - (every DG should have one) - 2halves
  • Lab Rat to Prof: You're right! It DOES taste better with beer on it! - Boonie
  • "Gottle a Geer glease" - Midge
  • You're one of those girls my mother warned me about aren't you! - Viks 
  • Do your collar and cuffs match the hair on your head Prof? - Hutch
  • Hohoho little girl, have I got a suprise for you !! - AJB
  • The Prof discovers what "head height" really means - GregP
  • "yes, I know I said "come as a big purple hairy nob" but I didn't think you would think I meant it!" - RobShew
  • Prof!! You never look into my eyes when I have 4 buttons undone!! - KP
  • "so, BJ is coming to Quins soon, I hear?" - Kwin
  • Is that what the Magenta hair colouring does? - Greg
  • "have you been kicked out of your galaxy Mr. A. Lien?
    The green flying saucer- that dropped you on our planet- is leaving without you mate..." - Rudi
  • "Tonight Matthew I'm going to be pissed" - Midge
  • Quins investigate a smaller shirt logo to replace CSF - AJB
  • "....And Lander let you do that?" - Fletch
  • LabRat is saying - "It's BIG isn't it" (The Wig!!!!) - Lurcio

  • Oh ! you have two purple heads Prof. - Steve Green

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